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Using the Widescreen Thumbnails PRO Feature
Posted by on 24 May 2013 06:05 PM

The Widescreen Thumbnails PRO Feature is used to capture screenshots in widescreen format.

Simple Method

Start with the Sample BASIC Code:

Note: All PRO feature parameters should be added BEFORE the &stwurl= parameter.

• Add &stwnrx=X&stwnry=Y&stwxmax=XX
(Where X & Y control the browser size. Ex:1440x900 and XX controls the image size in pixels)
(Requires Customer Browser Resolution and Custom Size PRO features)



Advanced Method (API Requests)

Instructions on integrating the Widescreen Thumbnails PRO Feature, using the ShrinkTheWeb API, can be found in the ShrinkTheWeb Sample Code.


3rd Party Plugins

Many of the ShrinkTheWeb Certified Plugins include the Widescreen Thumbnails PRO Feature.  Please review the plugin documentation for usage.  

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