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Using The Refresh On Demand PRO Feature
Posted by on 20 May 2013 05:39 PM

The Refresh On Demand PRO Feature is used to request the re-capture of a screenshot.

Simple Method

Start with the Sample BASIC Code:

Note: All PRO feature parameters should be added BEFORE the &stwurl= parameter.

• Add &stwredo=1 to request and deliver image.

• OR &stwredo=2 to request but not deliver the image.
(&stwredo=2 saves bandwidth and keeps the existing image in place while the screenshot is re-captured)

Note: The &stwredo= parameter is not recommended for embedded requests as refreshing every time will quickly exhaust usage limits.  These requests are designed for background screenshot maintenance.



Advanced Method (API Requests)

Instructions on integrating the Refresh On Demand Conversion PRO Feature, using the ShrinkTheWeb API, can be found in the ShrinkTheWeb Sample Code.


3rd Party Plugins

Some of the ShrinkTheWeb Certified Plugins support the Refresh On-Demand. If you are using a plugin, module, or integration that does not and you feel you have a need for it, please contact the author of the code and ask them to integrate that feature. It is free for all users and we would be happy to assist developers to integrate it.


If you just want to refresh a few web page screenshots manually, learn how to refresh web page screenshots here. The following link covers how often ShrinkTheWeb refreshes web page screenshots.

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