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Using The STW Private Label PRO Feature
Posted by on 05 April 2013 12:38 PM

The Private Label PRO Feature allows a user to display customized system messages and deprecate the ShrinkTheWeb logo.

Simple Method

Upload your custom system message images, the system will automatically display the messages when appropriate. 

Locate the STW Upgrades section in the STW Dashboard and click “Settings” link next to the Private Label Option

STW Upgrades Section

Custom Watermark

Add a custom watermark to on all screenshots by entering text and clicking save.
Watermark Options

• From the section of each available Custom Image type, upload your custom image One Section at a Time.  

*You can output in any aspect ratio desired - 4:3 default.

Private Label Message Upload

• Click the "Choose File" button to browse and select your local custom JPEG

• Select if you want to keep the original image size as well as the custom size.

• Click “Upload”


Remote Custom System Messages

To use images stored on your own server

Start with the Sample BASIC Code:

Note: All PRO feature parameters should be added BEFORE the &stwurl= parameter.

• Add &stwrpath=P
(where P is the full URL path to the remote directory)

• Upload the following images to your remote directory (where X is the image width):

  • adult-X.jpg (questionable content- optional)
  • baddom-X.jpg (broken or offline URL)
  • banned-X.jpg (user banned - optional)
  • invalid-X.jpg (invalid credentials or quota exceeded - optional)
  • nothumb-X.jpg (thumbnail queued)
  • problem-X.jpg (problem detected)
  • rlimit-X.jpg (rate limit reached - optional)
  • blank-X.jpg (blank detected – optional)



Advanced Method (API Requests)

Instructions on integrating the Custom Browser Resolution PRO Feature, using the ShrinkTheWeb API, can be found in the ShrinkTheWeb Sample Code.


3rd Party Plugins

Many of the ShrinkTheWeb Certified Plugins include the Custom Browser Resolution PRO Feature.  Please review the plugin documentation for usage.  

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