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Sending GET or POST Variables With Screenshot Requests
Posted by on 22 March 2013 02:00 PM

We do not support and currently have no plans to support the passing of $_POST Variables with our screenshot requests.  

The reason that users ask for this support is to capture what a "Logged In" user would see versus a "Logged Out" visitor. In other words, the intention is to capture a screenshot that is "behind" the username password login. This would be nice to capture specific google+ pages, facebook pages, etc.

Supporting $_POST variables would allow login to websites, via proper credentials, and could lead to potentially copyrighted materials being captured. At some point, we may add the support and let it be the potential problem of our customer, but for now; we choose not to support the method.

We do support $_GET variables, because these are used for properly coded URLs, and it is against "Best Practices" to allow login via $_GET variables. However, we do not recommend passing credentials via $_GET in order to capture screenshots (where possible), unless you have full control over the content therein. To be able to pass $_GET variables in a request, one must upgrade to use the "Inside Pages" PRO feature of the PagePix service.

For more details, read: Is it Legal to Display Screenshots of Web Pages?

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