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Unofficial or Undocumented PRO Features
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 08 February 2013 07:33 PM

As the service grows and custom requests are honored, we may implement several unofficially supported or undocumented features. So, this will serve as the "documentation" for those features that we do not want to group with the main documentation (to keep down confusion on: "Why do I need this?").

These features will tend to be very special use, but may benefit others. In all cases, it should be assumed that these features are not "officially" supported. If there are issues, please open a support ticket, but please be patient --as we may put a lower priority on these features.


Custom Reload PRO Feature

Usage: &stwreload=X

Where X is the number of times to reload (not counting the initial load).

For example: if you want to refresh 1 time, then &stwreload=1.

Description: This feature is intended to force a capture generator to load the web page, close it, and reload it. The key is that the same generator will perform this reload AND it will temporarily enable cookies for that reload session. This will repeat up to the value of the "reload" parameter. 

Benefit: Some pages change content after initial page load (such as first-time visit popups, overlays, lightboxes, and notifications). This feature allows users to capture a subsequent page load, as if viewed in a browser and refreshed X times. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for us to detect these "first-time visit" behaviors automatically, because it all deals with HTML or javascript, etc. We have no simple way to distinguish this result, so we must rely on users to pass this parameter on "stubborn" URLs. I am certain that a way could be devised to detect "some" of these, but I do not have the resources to handle the many varied types of behaviors that are out in the "wild" and some users actually want them (to capture exactly as a user would see initially). So, this will remain a manual process for now.

Limitations: Currently, the max value of "reload" is 1 (meaning "load", "refresh", "capture"). If there is justification for raising the limit, we will consider it.

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