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Known Issues and System Limitations
Posted by on 17 December 2012 06:50 PM

Known Issues and System Limitations


The pipeline | character breaks captures in some instances: 

(a stop-gap fix was issued on 01/04/2013 that works in most cases)


We block certain characters in certain cases: In order to block certain invalid requests, non-inside page requests block: @ , ; : .. [space]

Ex: (spaces in domain names causes Permanently Locked Browser)
http://cher lloyd - with your love ft. mike posner

To further block numerous bad requests, we block certain characters, regardless of type
EX: ' ( ) < > although the apostrophe may be UTF-8 encoded since some URLs use it


The requested URL is limited to 1000 characters

We must specify a maximum limit for the URL being passed. We have currently set this limit at 1000 characters. That is strictly for the URL itself and none of the other markup of the request. We no longer log requests that are beyond this number. In the past, there were very few requests made anywhere near this size. If your use case justifies raising this limit, we will consider it. Please open a support ticket, in that case.

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