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Posted by Brandon Elliott on 17 December 2012 12:58 AM

The error "HASH_MISMATCH", for a given request, indicates the need to update the request code.

Ex: http://%EC%E0%E3%E0%E7%E8%ED-%EF%F0%EE%E4%E0%E6%E0.%F0%F4

This error is caused when we receive a request that is malformed and cannot be decoded, stored, or captured properly.

The service will attempt to detect these types of requests and prevent them. You will get an INVALID_ENCODING error in the XML response.

It may still be possible to see this error again, if our detection fails to detect a certain type of unsupported encoding, but we have not seen any HASH_MISMATCH errors since the detection was implemented.

Please be sure to follow the "Best Practices" for encoding, as outline in the PagePix encoding FAQ.


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