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Bad Request / Update Your Code
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 16 December 2012 12:54 AM

What Does 'Bad Request / Update Your Code' Mean?

Bad Code

This means that the request was invalid because:

  • the request included your "Secret Key" with an embedded or "simple method" (img src) request*
  • the request URL contains characters that do not conform to RFC standards for valid URLs**
  • the request URL was a full "inside page" path, but:
    • the account does not have "Inside Pages" upgrade, AND 
    • the URL contains characters that are not valid for a domain (since we truncate in this case)
  • the client side integration has rate-limited your access using bandwidth.jpg, quota.jpg, or no_response.jpg
    • clear those files in order to reset the rate-limit
    • best practices dictate that the client side integration should clear those files every 6 hours automatically


*Blocking "Secret Key" on "Simple Method" became enforced on 12/17/2012 for security reasons

**ShrinkTheWeb's PagePix service DOES support all foreign character umlauts

Bad Request / Update Your Code
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