How to Use the PagePix Simple Method API (copy/paste)
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 23 November 2012 03:11 AM

The "Simple Method" API is an easy way to get started quickly. This is a brief overview of how it works.

Find the "Getting Started" section in the ShrinkTheWeb Dashboard.

Here is a break down the Thumbnail Code to help identify each parameter.

      This is the call to the magic on our server.

    1. &stwaccesskeyid=replace_with_access_key
      Your Access Key ID is found on the top left of the Dashboard.

      1. &stwsize=sm
        This allows you to intuitively select from one of the six(6) default sizes.
        xlg = Extra Large
        lg = Large
        sm = Small
        vsm = Very Small
        tny = Tiny
        mcr = Micro

      2. &
      3. This is where you specify the URL you want to capture. We recommend using 
       compliant screenshot requests.

To get sample code and examples that use the PRO Features, check out the Code Wizard Documentation.

Check out the PagePix PRO Features Documentation for more examples on using PRO Features.

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