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Description of PagePix PRO Features
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 23 November 2012 02:28 AM

PRO Features Currently Available


Specific Page Captures - Allows you to capture pages below the "Top Level Domain".  

 Example: = specific page

Full Length Captures - Capture the full length of a page, then scale to a desired size.  

Default scale is 10% and cropping height is simple.

This is the best way to get specific custom sizes that are not in 4:3 aspect ratio.

Custom Sized Captures - Allows you to select the X and Y dimensions of a specific request.  

Note: This PRO feature supports only 4:3 aspect ratio images! (e.g. 400x300, 800x600, etc)

Refresh On-Demand - Adds a previous cached site to our queue for re-capture.  

Custom System Messages - Private label using your own system message thumbnails.  

Custom Browser Resolution - Specify the optimal browser resolution of a specific site.   

Example: 800x600 or 1024x768 

Custom Quality - Allows you to reduce files size by changing the jpg compression quality.

Note: By default we provide screenshots at 75% quality (free accounts) and 95% quality (Basic and PLUS accounts).


Special Uses

Widescreen Thumbnail Capture - Combine Custom Browser Resolution & Custom Size

Example: 1440x900, 1024x750, etc  


PRO Features Either Planned or Being Considered

Custom Header Cache Expiry -  Set how long an image stays in a user's cache before expiring.
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