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How to Help Translate ShrinkTheWeb Using POedit
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 23 November 2012 02:14 AM

First off, thank you for being willing to help us translate our site into your native language!

Your efforts will benefit many others and your time is very much appreciated. :)

Ok, this is fairly simple to do and there are only a few steps:

  1. Download and install the language editor (free): POedit Download Page.
  2. Request a language pack by contacting us.
  3. Open the POedit program and then open the .po file you received from us.
  4. The "pending translations" will be sorted to the top, while text that has already been translated will be sorted to the bottom. So simply start at the top and make your way down.
  5. To make a translation, click on the line to edit and it will appear in the window pane below. Then, in the bottom window pane, type out the translation. When done, just click down to the next line to translate. [SAVE OFTEN!!]
    1. Leave HTML tags (such as < strong > or < em > ) as-is.
    2. Leave words with punctuation characters attached to the front (@count, %u, !all) as-is.
  6. Once you've completed translating as much as you can, send us the file back and we will import it after a review period.

Note: You do not have to translate everything, because even translating parts of the file will help others have less work to do!

If you run in to issues or have questions, please post here and we'll be sure to help you out as much as we can.

Thank you!

-The Brandon

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