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Posted by Brandon Elliott on 11 November 2012 12:01 AM

This area of the knowledgebase will serve as our PagePix Documentation repository.

Bullets 1 & 2 apply to "Embedded Method", while bullets 1-5 all apply to "Advanced API Method".

  1. ShrinkTheWeb Getting Started Guide - Documentation

    A very quick, concise overview of what is required to get ShrinkTheWeb working for you.

  2. ShrinkTheWeb PRO Feature Documentation / Guide - PDF

    Download a 1-page reference sheet that will tell you all that you need to know in order to use any (or all) of ShrinkTheWeb's powerful and proprietary PRO feature set.

  3. ShrinkTheWeb API Documentation (advanced method) - PDF

    Using the "Advanced" method API w/ flowchart of how the PagePix service works

  4. ShrinkTheWeb API Library v2.1.3 (08/21/2017 - LATEST) - ZIP
  5. Changelog for v2 of the STW API Library can be viewed here (PDF).

  6. ShrinkTheWeb Integration Testing Guide - PDF

    Documentation on "Best Practices" and sample test cases w/ expected responses


Embedded ("Simple") Method*:[accesskey]&

*This is a very simple request. For PRO features (e.g. inside pages, etc), check out the documentation.

For code examples, take a look at our well-documented "PagePix API Library" or extensive "Plugins Page"

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