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Manage Email Announcements and Subscriptions?
Posted by on 10 April 2011 12:38 AM

Email Notification are our way of letting you know about changes to our system that may effect your site.  These may include anything from scheduled downtime to necessary coding changes and more. 

Note: For PRO, Plus, and Basic Users, implicitly expressed guarantees of service may be rendered void if you are NOT subscribed to Maintenance Notifications.  This would pertain to refund requests resulting from a service interruption previously announced as scheduled maintenance.


To edit or delete your Notification Subscriptions go to the "Notifications Overview" page by

clicking the Profile tab My account tab  then clicking the "Notifications" tab Notifications tab on the my account page

Profile Notification Overview


Activate a Subscription

Check the subscriptions you are interested in.


To Deactivate Subscription

Uncheck the subscriptions you are no longer interested in.


Manage Thread Notifications
Whenever you comment in a thread on our forum you are automatically subscribed to notifications from that thread. 

Click the "Thread" tab Thread Tab  

Thread Subscriptons List


Modify Thread Notifications

Individually modify the "Send Interval" of the each notification and click update


Select all notifications by checking the global select checkbox left of the "Node" label then use the global Send Interval option located at the bottom right of the node list and click Update.


Delete Thread Notifications

Check the thread notification you no longer desire and click delete


Select all notifications by checking the global select checkbox left of the "Node" label and click Delete.

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