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Can you explain the Pricing Model in Detail?
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 06 November 2012 10:52 PM

Our pricing model is based on Bandwidth & New Requests.

Account Upgrade: Basic or PLUS upgrade will add various benefits. (Compare Options)

PRO Features: These are optional features, listed at $9.95/mo each. (PRO Feature Details

Bandwidth: The industry started off supporting a "fetch" (e.g. impressions) model, but since we support so many PRO features and many of those generate large image sizes; we had to innovate. The result is a pricing model based on bandwidth. Each request is a specific size and that counts against your monthly limit.

New Requests vs. Fetches

  1. A "New Request" is a request that we have to go out and capture. That applies to refreshes and anything not already stored in our cache*. 
  2. A "Fetch" is a request that we have already captured and is still in our cache.
    • We store images in our cache for up to 30 days
    • The "timer" on retention is reset for any image requested within that 30 days
    • Fetches are counted & shown in your "logs" for reference (does not affect limits)
*Due to the low probability of having an odd custom size, specific inside page, or full-length in our cache; you should count on those being considered 100% "New Requests"

Take a look at the Order Page

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