Using The STW Dashboard
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The Dashboard is your main hub to access and change account settings and information.


Security Keys

The member profile section of the STW Dashboard displays the access key and secret key.
Screenshot of Member Profile Information

Note: Instructions on changing user account information including Access and Secret Keys are in the Account Related Knowledgebase.


Getting Started

Screenshot of Getting Started Example Code

The getting started section of the Dashboard provides members with a sample code for general screenshot requests.
The sample code is unique to each member and contains the member's access key.  Copy the code and paste it anywhere
on the website you would like your screenshot to appear.  Change the domain name after "stwurl1=" to desired domain.

The Plugin Page contains ShrinkTheWeb Sample Code, certified and uncertified plugins. 

The Code Wizard automatically generates sample requests using an entry form.

Bulk Import is an option to import a large number or domains at the same time click the "Bulk Import" link to use to tool.

Additional getting started information can be found in our Getting Started document found on our Documentation page.


Usage Stats

 Screenshot of member usages stats

The usage stats section of the Dashboard displays account usage patterns.  Monitoring this section is the key to preventing service interruption.  

Reset Date
Your monthly stats reset on the anniversary date of your initial signup.  All upgraded services and account usage limits reset on this day.

View Usage History
This link allows members to view a monthly history of their usage.

Search Screenshot Requests
This link launches the Screenshot Search and history tool to view requested and captured screenshots.

Requests in Queue
The account's pending "New Request" and "Refresh Requests" are displayed here so members can see how many requests are still in the queue

New Requests

Monthly Limit
Keeps track and displays the total of the number of "New Requests" including "Refreshes" made in the current billing period.  A green progress bar displays the percentage of New Request consumed.The total number of monthly requests allowed including upgrades is shown in parenthesis with the amount of Request used adjacent to it.

Daily Limit
As with the monthly limit a green progress bar shows the percentage of total daily requests consumed. The total number of daily requests allowed including upgrades is shown in parenthesis with the amount of Requests used adjacent to it.
Click here for more information on how daily limits are calculated. 

Bandwidth usage is measure in 1GB increments and usage is displayed in bytes consumed.  A green progress bar shows the percentage of the account's monthly limit used with the total amount of Allowed Bandwidth including upgrades displayed in parenthesis.


 STW Upgrades

Screenshot of the STW Member Upgrades

The STW Upgrades section of the Dashboard provides members with a breakdown of what "PRO Features" they are currently subscribed to.  If a member is subscribed to a PRO Feature the Help will be displayed; if not the Information will be shown instead.  Use the Information or Help to get information on or help with each PRO Feature 

Private Label Option
Use the Private Label Settings link to upload custom system messages.  

Manage Billing
The Manage Billing link takes you to the billing history page where you can View InvoicesCancel Subscriptions or Update Payment Method


Account Security

Account Security

My Allowed Domains & IPs:
This field provides a preview all the allowed referrers locked to the account.

The "View Security Logs" link allows members to the see a report of requests made within a specific timeframe. Logs are produced only with Full Logging enabled is intended for short term use only.

Manage Security Settings
This link accesses the account security settings where members can disable lock to account manage their list of allowed referrers, enable full logging, or change their secret key.


STW Announcements & Notifications

 STW Announcements & Notifications

The "Visit the Notification Area" link opens the announcement section of the ShrinkTheWeb forum.  This section is used to post updates regarding changes made to the system.


Knowledgebase Search Bar

Lobby Search Bar

Also found on the ShrinkTheWeb support page use the Dashboard search bar to search the STW knowledgebase to find useful setup and troubleshooting tips and tricks.



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