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How Do I Upgrade My Account?
Posted by on 25 October 2012 07:13 PM

NOTE: This guide will walk you through upgrading. For details on our pricing model, please click here.

To upgrade your account follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to your account and click the Upgrade tab.

Logged In Tabs Pricing

Step 2: Select your account level.

To see and compare account level features, click the "Compare Options" link or mouse-over the account level you are interested in. 

Account Upgrade Options

Mouse-over example:



Step 3: Select desired PRO Features.

Simply select the PRO features you want by clicking the option and confirm that the corresponding check box is checked.  For details on what each feature offers mouse-over the feature you are interested in.

If you change your mind simply click the feature again and confirm that the corresponding check box is empty.

If you want all the PRO features simply click the "ALL PRO Package" option at the bottom right of the "PRO FEATURES" section.

PRO Features











Mouse-over example:

PRO Feature Popup description

Step 4: Upgrade your monthly limits.

Based on your usage, you may need to increase your monthly "BANDWIDTH" or "NEW REQUESTS" Allowances.  There is no need to do this initially, we will notify you as you approach your limits. 

Bandwidth Allowance Section

Upgrade your monthly "BANDWIDTH" allowance by entering the desired quantity in the provided field.  "BANDWIDTH" is upgraded in units of 1GB. 

New Request Section

You can upgrade your "NEW REQUESTS" allowance in two ways, recurring (to meet monthly demands) or "ONE-TIME" (to cover unpredicted spikes in requests.)

Monthly "NEW REQUESTS" are sold in blocks of 5000.  Upgrade your monthly allowance by entering the desired quantity of blocks in the provided field.  This is a recurring upgrade it increases your total monthly limits and are reset monthly.


Step 5: Complete your order.

Click the "ORDER NOW" button on the bottom of the order page and choose your payment method.  Once you have completed the order process your upgrades are immediately applied.

Order Now



Click Here for more information on "BANDWIDTH" usage
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