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Why Can't I See a Refreshed Image Using Refresh On-Demand?
Posted by on 02 May 2011 11:30 AM

Oh no! I updated an image with refresh on-demand but I'm still seeing the old capture.

Please note that, by popular request, our images stay in browser cache for days. You may need to force your browser to refresh. This is done by holding [CTRL] and pressing [F5] at the same time.

If you are behind a "proxy server", it is also possible that it has cached an old version of the request. Ask your network administrator to flush the cache for in that case.

Finally, it is also possible that you are using a 3rd-party website which uses our service and caches images locally or using a CDN (content distributed network). In these cases, please contact the site owner directly and ask that they update their cached screenshot.

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