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What Does 'Invalid Domain' Mean?
Posted by on 21 April 2011 03:00 PM

What Does 'Invalid Domain' Mean?

 Bad Domain Image

This means that the thumbnail was marked as 'Bad' by our system. This can occur for a number of reasons including:

  • Non-routable domain or site down condition (404 Error)
  • End result is a blank page
    Note: If requesting a specific page but not using &stwinside=1, we capture the base domain
  • Page takes longer to load than specified delay (8 seconds default)
    This can be resolved most cases by using Custom Delay 
  • Site works but returns wrong error code (i.e. 501 server error, etc)

In the case of domains that were not working when queued but are working now, the solution is to refresh the thumbnail. This is done periodically based on our retention policy but may be requested sooner by using the 'Refresh On-Demand' PRO feature or by Manually Refreshing the screenshot.


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