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What Does 'Problem Detected' Mean?
Posted by on 19 April 2011 03:10 PM

What Does 'Problem Detected' Mean?

 Problem Detected

This means that:

  • the page was broken, missing, or offline
  • the page itself contained unsupported content
  • the request was improperly formatted or
  • the request contained invalid characters for the request type*

*For instance, if you make a non-inside page request but you submit a URL with URL encoding, it will fail.

Learn more about the type of encoding that we support (foreign languages, IDN, punycode, umlauts, etc).

If you view the XML returned directly, you will see the text of 'Improperly formatted Url' or some other related message to help pinpoint the problem. So, be sure you pass the &stwurl variable with the domain as '[subdomain].[domain].[tld]'.

Ex: &

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