How Do I Search for a Screenshot Using Thumbnail History?
Posted by on 13 April 2011 02:21 PM

Find the Usage Stats box on the dashboard as seen here.

Usage Stats Free and Basic

Clicking the "Search Screenshot Requests" link to the right of "PagePix Requests" will take you to the Thumbnail History page.

Users without any PRO features will see the following page:

Thumbnail History Basic

Simply type the URL into the "Domain Search" field and click the "Search" button.

Each account is limited to searching for requests that were made with PRO features that are active on the account OR that are still associated with the account (even if no longer subscribed to the PRO feature).

For instance, accounts without "Inside Page" will be able to search only Top Level Domains (eg and Sub-Domains (eg

PRO Users will also see the following search options if subscribed to the corresponding PRO Feature.

Pro Thumbnail History Domain Search

Simplified Definitions:

  1. Include = also
  2. Exclude = none
  3. Filter = only

To find sites that you did not originally request check "Show requests by any user". This is not required if you type in the exact URL requested.

Usage Examples:

By default all 3 options are excluded. A search like this will return Top Level Domains and Sub-Domains

  1. If you also wanted Inside Pages from that domain you would select Include Specific "Inside" Pages.
  2. If you only wanted Inside Pages from that domain you would select Filter Specific "Inside" Pages.
The same goes for Custom Size and Full-Length Captures.

Understanding how combinations of these search criteria work can be very helpful too.

If you want only Full-Length Captures, that also include inside pages, then you would select:
  1. Filter Full-Length Captures
  2. Include Specific "Inside" Pages
  3. Exclude Custom Size Captures
If you want only Inside pages, that are only custom sizes, but not full length captures, then you would select:
  1. Filter Specific "Inside" Pages
  2. Filter Custom Size Captures
  3. Exclude Full-Length Captures

These search criteria can be configured in any order to find the thumbnail you are seeking. 

See How Do I Refresh A Screenshot for more information on refresh screenshots.

See Thumbnail History Domain Search Results Explained for a detailed description of the fields returned for each screenshot found in the search results.

See Thumbnail History Export (Excel, CSV, PDF) for a detailed description of the export features.

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