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What Does "Thumbnail Queued" Mean?
Posted by on 12 April 2011 01:39 PM

The Thumbnail queued system message means that the requested wep page is not in our cache is in line to be captured.


Typically this process takes less than a minute.  If you are experiencing longer than usual queue time (hours - days) then one of the following may be the problem:

Browser Cache
If you have refreshed the image and it displays properly in your screenshot history (while logged into the ShrinkTheWeb portal), then you are most likely viewing a "browser cached image" and need to refresh your browser using [CTRL]+[F5].

Local Server Cache
If you are using the Advanced (API) method and are caching images locally, please check your code to ensure system messages like these are not set to be cached.  Caching system messages is not best practices.  Once you have checked your script, you may refresh your request by clearing your locally cached images.

Plugin Issue
If you are having a problem with an 3rd party plugin, please contact the author of the plugin for assistance.  Often times, clearing your local storage (if caching locally) or, re-installing the plugin will correct this issue.

Note: If a once captured screenshot now shows 'Thumbnail Queued', it was most likely deleted by our Retention Policy.


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