Arfooo Directory Script (Configure Screenshots)
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 19 January 2017 10:10 AM

The "arfooo directory" script is not supported by ShrinkTheWeb, as the author has not verified his integration. However, it is easy to get a simple integration using the author's loose support for most screenshot APIs. It is designed for "RoboThumb", but they provide very low quality images that most webmasters prefer to replace with nice looking screenshots.

The relevant settings to add web page screenshots to your arfooo directory are under "Settings" -> "Images":


Address for Screenshot Generator Service (URL)[YOUR_ACCESS_KEY]&stwurl=[url]

Be sure to replace [YOUR_ACCESS_KEY] with your actual ShrinkTheWeb access key (without the brackets).


Also, since the arfooo directory script uses a very simple and problematic method to store / cache screenshots locally; it is not recommended and won't work well with ShrinkTheWeb without some changes. So, disable it:

Repatriate save thumbs websites in the directory uploads/thumbs_images: Off


Once you make those updates and "Save", you should see the changes reflected in your site*. Enjoy!


*You may need to clear the cache to see the changes

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