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Why do some users report not seeing my web page screenshots?
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 27 November 2016 02:52 AM

In some rare cases, we have found ad blockers who blocked our service, for some reason. Since we do not deliver ads, only screenshots, we promptly reported this to the ad block company and had our URL whitelisted. However, this could happen again, in which case, we can follow-up with the software vendor that authors the ad blocker. Please report any software you find is blocking our screenshots, if you happen to run across this issue.

In an even more rare case, we have found that our screenshots will not show up for users who use very strict anonymous browsing proxies. If the proxy hides or masks ALL of the identifying information, including the web page they are visiting, then our security features (if enabled on the account) will prevent any screenshots from displaying. This is unavoidable, due to the potential for abuse with unlocking access to just any and everyone. We tried that in the beginning and people stealing service nearly put us out of business, so we had to implement strict security, as a result.

"The few ruin it for the many."

An example of a service that causes this issue is Anyone using their service will be prevented from seeing our screenshots on any secured or locked ShrinkTheWeb accounts.

If you are seeing reports of missing screenshots for only a small subset of your visitors and suspect this may be the issue, but you are unsure, feel free to open a ticket with us. We will investigate and let you know if this is the issue or if it is just a misconfiguration of security or some other issue.

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