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Account Accesses are Logged Out of Order or with Odd Timing
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 05 October 2016 08:45 PM

If you are using "Full Logging" and notice that service accesses do not make sense, because they are out of order or have strange timing; know that this is currently expected (though not ideal).


As a budget web service that strives to cut costs, wherever possible, so that we can keep our prices low; we sometimes have to make tough decisions. 

As this service usage has grown exponentially over the past nine (9) years, we have seen costs of maintaining the database and web servers increase significantly. We are basically having to scale, in a much smaller but similar way as any large site like Google, Amazon, or Facebook. However, we do not have the budget or manpower that they have (and we didn't have a friend hand us $1 Billion in venture capital lol). So, as we saw disk I/O costs growing wildly, we made the decision to stop recording all accesses in absolute real-time and guaranteed order. Instead, we commit all transactions once per second. 

What does all that techy jargon mean for users?

It means that accesses that occur within a single second may be out of order. So you may actually see a "delivered" log entry come BEFORE the "request" log entry. Obviously, it is not ideal for troubleshooting to have logs with inaccurate timing, but doing it this way saves us from paying 4,000% more for huge amounts of IOPs to process the data instantly. Delaying by one (1) second makes a huge difference. While this may be a bit confusing, we do not imagine that it will be too much to overcome, once we explain what is going on.

However, IF there is a need for absolutely accurate timing of log entries, we can enable immediate commit, for a short time, on request and justification. Just open a ticket and explain the need. We will always do our best to accommodate any user and help in any way we can.

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