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Using a Private-Label Domain via Custom CNAME URLs
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 05 September 2016 02:11 AM

Can I private-label the request URL to ShrinkTheWeb's service?

Yes, absolutely! If you prefer to use a link on a custom domain or sub-domain, like, to access our service; then just create a CNAME entry in your DNS (with your registrar, DNS provider, or hosting control panel) as follows:




You should then be able to use a link like:


Note: You do not need to contact us or upgrade for this to work. It is available to all users at no charge. If you want to test that it works by pasting an example link into your browser, you may need to add your custom domain to the "Allowed Referrers" list, so that security will know that it is authorized.

Note: Since we do not provide SSL certificates for external, third-party domains, users will receive an SSL error, for anyone trying to use HTTPS with a custom CNAME redirection. For those who require the use of an HTTPS custom CNAME URL, purchasing and installing a valid SSL for your domain (or sub-domain) is necessary. Once the SSL works on your side, everything on our side will support the SSL CNAME URL for secure service access. 

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