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How Do I Use the Bulk Import Tool?
Posted by on 12 April 2011 12:02 PM

Click the "Bulk Import" link in the Getting Started section of the ShrinkTheWeb Dashboard.
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If all of your requests are for standard default size URLs you can simply enter one (1) URL per line in the space provided and click the "Submit!" button at the bottom of the page.Bulk Import Tool

    Note: The script handles 500 URLs at a time to avoid errors. Just click "Submit" again when the page returns with the remaining URLs. The Bulk Import tool does support some of the PRO Features. If you intend to use these, the format is as follows: (also specified on the Bulk Import page)


Standard Requests

// Standard capture of homepage:

PRO Features Format (use $ as the delimiter after URL):

Note: All null parameters before a used feature, except Inside Pages, requires a $ place holder. Values after the last used parameter can be omitted.


// Inside Pages: Entering specific pages and paths automatically engages the Inside Pages PRO Feature

// Custom Size: $xmax$ymax Format = $0000$0000 (xmax parameter limits >50 <2880):$400$300

// Full-length: &full  Format = $1 (default 102xFull) capture:$$1

// Custom Resolution: $nrx$nry Format = $00000$00000 (nrx/nry parameter limits >100 or <10000):$$$$1024$768

// Full-length: &delay Format = $1 to $45 (default 0 xFull) capture:$$$$$$45

// Full-length: &redo Format = $1:$$$$$$$1

Note: that this form simply "imports" the requests. It will not display them to you. If you want to see what was imported, you will need to use the "Screenshot Request Search". We have it on "The List" to add a bulk ZIP download at some point in the future.

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