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Website Screenshots not working with Symphony software
Posted by Brandon Elliott on 06 March 2016 05:02 PM

Note: This is likely not an issue any longer. It is also not necessary to replace & with & when making requests. At one point shortly after the post below was made, we added support to the system for this case. So, it should "just work". :)


For those of you using Symphony, I wanted to document an old (posted in our forum back in 2009) issue, just in case it may still be an issue.

A few users, who used the Symphony software, were having trouble requesting screenshots, because the URL was missing (even though it was being passed in the code).

It turned out that Sympony modifies the request "&" (ampersand) to "&" instead. To overcome this, one of those users modified the code as follows:

Search for

$request_url = urldecode("".http_build_query($args));

Replace with

$request_url = urldecode("".http_build_query($args,'','&'));


If you are having trouble while using Symphony with our service but this does not correct the issue, please let us know by opening a support ticket. Thanks!

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