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Refresh All WP Plugin User Guide
Posted by on 25 November 2013 03:44 PM

Note: The way this plugin works is that it will make a request based on a set schedule and then it will wait 10 minutes to re-download all of the requested refreshes. This is not a perfect solution because it is possible that under heavy load, not all refreshes will be ready in 10 minutes. This Plugin was merely written as a utility to help refresh all screenshots when there is no better solution. We are considering a method to make the solution a little better by using time stamps to determine if and when a refresh has been completed.



Under WordPress Plugins, select the "add new" option and search for the keyword "shrinktheweb". Locate "ShrinkTheWeb Refresh All" in the list and click install now.  Once the installation process has completed be sure to activate the plugin. You will find the "Settings" -> shrinktheweb STW Refresh All


Plugin Features

The Refresh All plugin can be used to set the following refresh intervals: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly.

The "Refresh Now" button can be used to manually refresh all plugins.

The "Clear Cache" button can be used to remove all screenshots stored in your local cache folder.

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