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DirectoryPress v7.1.4 STW Patch
Posted by on 04 September 2013 06:23 PM

Note: We no longer support any of the PremiumPress themes, as the author decided not to integrate necessary updates to keep up with WordPress changes and to add ShrinkTheWeb functionality and feature support. Instead, he integrated the inferior screenshot service included in Google's PageSpeed API. The patch below is provided with no support (but worked as of our last round of testing).


This patch has been successfully tested on DirectoryPress 7.1.4. Earlier versions will likely work with this patch, but please be aware that problems are possible unless you are running on the latest version.



Added "Clear Thumbnail Cache" and "Clear Error Thumbnail Cache" buttons

Updated some text and spacing in the "Image" -> "ShrinkTheWeb" control panel

Modified code to use wp_remote_get instead of cURL directly (should resolve certain cURL issues)



Just in case of problems, we recommend making backups of the few files that will be overwritten. 


To install this patch, simple copy these files (with paths) over the same files in your installation.



Tags: Premium Press, premiumpress, directory, clear error thumbnail cache, account problem

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